Album Challenge: Post 16

I think I’m ready to move on to the next song.


Here is what the latest version sounds like.

Here are some notes on what’s changed since the last version.

  • Completely re-tracked the vocals. The old ones weren’t rehearsed enough.
  • Added drums in parts. Again, here is that pattern I see popping up all over my songs. The kick is only present in the chorus.
  • Added strummed acoustic guitar chords leading into the chorus. Reminds me of Pink Floyd.
  • Added bass. I’m starting to convince myself I know how to think in bass. One thing I have over a sessions guy is I know the material very very well.
  • Added shouts. Screw!
  • Added a siren type sound. It’s actually my voice being pitched around by an auto tuner. I was shocked at how well that worked.
  • Piano rhythms change up throughout.
  • I used a paper towel to get a pizzicato acoustic guitar sound.
  • I added some internet found sound for the Bart announcement.
  • Added heavily distorted drums at intro.
  • Added some vocals as pads. Heavy delay. Some auto tuning up an octave.

Here is an example of the pizzicato guitar.

Here is the auto tuned vox effect. There is a bit more then auto tune on this. But auto tune is doing all the pitching work. This is just the stock plugin that comes with Reaper.

Next up a rap song. Something that was fully produced once before. But at the time it was a one day rush job. I didn’t get the sound I wanted.

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