I am a lifelong musician. I got into my first band at 16. Started playing guitar at 16, drums at 34. I sang in choir in high school and nearly became a voice performance major in college. In 2001 I began digital recording with Pro Tools. At the time I was working in advertising as an art director and multimedia developer. This gave me the chance to do sound design and write original music for clients such as: Philips, Intel, Nissan Quest, Neutrogena, Wells Fargo, and WellHome.

In 2007 my daughter was born and I left advertising to raise her. However, in my spare time, I stayed involved in music. I joined the Bay Area Recording Mixing Mastering and Production Group (BARMMAP) and started honing my mixing abilities. My mixing progressed from personal work to professional work. Of note, I was proud to mix and co-produce the album ​Amour Bohemian​ (2018) which garnered critical praise and featured the Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra.

Currently I have reunited with old band mates for what appears to be a hip-hop project. I am slated to co-produce and mix Merch’s 3rd album, and I continue to take on mixing, mastering, and production work.