I’m a lifelong musician. I was a lead singer at age 16 (later guitar and drums). In college I was encouraged by faculty to became a voice performance major. I declined finding the curricula too stodgy. Instead I became involved with the local music scene recording, writing, playing out, and having brushes with success opening for Modern English, Citizen King, and the Flys.

In 2001 I began recording with Pro Tools and passed some of Avid’s (formerly Digidesgn) certification classes. At the time I was working in advertising as an art director and multimedia developer in San Francisco. This gave me the chance to do sound design and write original music for clients such as: Philips, Intel, Nissan Quest, Neutrogena, Wells Fargo, and WellHome.

In 2007 my daughter was born and I left advertising to raise her. However, in my spare time, I stayed involved in music. I joined the Bay Area Recording Mixing Mastering and Production Group (BARMMAP) and started honing my mixing abilities. My mixing progressed from personal work to professional work. Of note, I was proud to mix and co-produce the album ​Amour Bohemian​ (2018) which garnered critical praise and featured the Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra.

Currently I have reunited with old band mates for what appears to be a hip-hop project. I am slated to co-produce and mix Merch’s 3rd album, and I continue to take on mixing, mastering, and production work.