Album Challenge: Post 19

Something I’ve been meaning to do it try and finish a song in one day. For me that’s about 4 or 5 hours when you count the actual work time. Anyone who says they are creatively productive for more then 5 hours a day is either lying or exceptional. They are lying. If they aren’t I wish they would so I could feel better about my snails pace.

So here is a song called make up in the car. It’s about how my wife gets up so very early each day and each day we still scramble out of the house to school. And where does that time go? Once again the second half of breakfast and makeup take place in the car.  Guess I’ll have at it.

Lets call this an exercise in breaking my normal work patterns. Something I think is important.

Ok. Day over. And here we have it.

It’s far from a full song. But something very nice happened. Or I felt something very nice. For the first time since I started working on this song I’m starting to think it could work. That is, be a good song and be put on the album. Some songs, maybe this one, are very delicate. If you don’t get the right rhythm they fail. If you don’t pick the right key they fail. If you don’t have the right tempo they fail. If you don’t sing them right they fail.

Speaking of singing. I tried this one in 2 different keys. Tried singing it at medium volume and low volume. Tried micings at 14″ and 24″. I pretty much always sing off axis now. That tames the sibilance in my voice.

What I figured out on this song is I like to sing back at about 20″, sing at a low volume, and sing in a higher key so the high notes are around an F3 (if I’m counting keys right). Getting the vocals right was what made me think this song could work. They are still very unrehearsed and the lyrics need to come together. Maybe today.

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