Album Challenge: Post 17

It’s funny how things work. Many years ago I thought about trying some rap. But I could never put it together and I knew it. Rap is harder then you or I think. If you are a rapper you already know this. For those that think rap isn’t music or think it’s easy please try writing/producing a rap song.

Two years ago I wrote a rap song for a good friend’s 40th birthday. I should take on more of these requests because they end up producing some good stuff. This is what I finished in two days and sent off to him.

I talked about the importance of perspective. This has had 2 years. I’m sure I like it. I’m sure it fits with the album theme. It needs an extra verse. It’s needs some production. I’m hoping to finish at least the lyrics out here in Maine.

I’m on vacation. As my homework I’ve taken on writing these rap lyrics and trying Ableton Live.

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